OSTeoMaureen of Ville St Laurent, Montreal
 Maureen Hannah Maher, Osteopath & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Specialised in Cranial Pathologies & Women's Health Dysfunctions,

Maureen Hannah Maher
BA(Psych), DO

Internationally Accredited Female Osteopath

Registered Member of the Society of Osteopaths of Canada (SOC)

Bachelor of Arts majoring in Clinical Psychology 

Currently qualifying to become a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) 

We specialize in helping you heal from past Trauma. Here are some examples:

Physical trauma including Sports injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Concussions

Emotional Traumas including Abuse, Anxiety, Unresolved Grief

Debilitating Illnesses including Multiple Sclerosis, Infections 

Recurring Pain conditions such as neck pain, low back pain, shoulder injuries, nakle injuries, joint range of motion (ROM) pain due to arthritis or inflammation

We also specialize is treating  Women's Health Issues, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Cranial Dysfunctions

Maureen combines her fifteen years of clinical experience in Osteopathy, knowledge of Psychology, and her own journey to take a genuinely holistic approach to complete mind, body, and soul healing.

In a city where Osteopaths can be found on every street corner, Maureen is a true HEALER, who cares about every patient she accepts and works in collaboration with you on your journey to complete recovery!

Osteopathy is not a regulated profession in Canada.  

As a result, reimbursement policies vary from one insurance company to another.  

When confirming reimbursement with your insurance company prior to treatment, 

please provide them with the specific credential information, as listed above.

Our Philosophy to Healthcare and Healing

Believing that  healthcare treatments should be provided in an environment that promotes positive energy, Maureen strives to create a healing space that is welcoming and focuses on you.  

Her goal is for you to be pain free by finding the deeper cause of your discomfort, whether that be physical, emotional, spiritual, or a combination of any of these.  By remaining true to the original philosophy of Osteopathy as created by Dr. Andrew Still, MD, Osteopathy is a Mind - Body - Spirit Therapy.

Maureen's Biography & Credentials

Maureen has been an Osteopath for fifteen years.  Her education and credentials go far beyond the standard Osteopathic education offered in Quebec colleges.   Maureen has met all requirements for becoming a Primary Care Practitioner of Osteopathy (DO) according to international standards. This includes a university degree in the health sciences, 3-6 years of intensive study within the field of Osteopathy, the completion of a thesis, accreditation evaluation as a primary care practitioner, writing and publication of dozens of case studies.  Maureen is qualified to interpret all medical imaging including radiology and MRIs, but cannot legally diagnose or requisition such imaging in Canada.  

Maureen also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University with a major in Clinical Psychology since 1989.  Over the years, Maureen has developed a unique style of incorporating her knowledge of the human psyche as well as the human body, and how suffering on one level can cause pain on the physical level, and vice versa.  As a result, upon special request, Maureen incorporates talk Psychotherapy along with Reiki Hands-On Healing, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Osteopathy into her sessions, for a more complete approach to healing on a deeper level.  All of the above therapies are offered under the title of Osteopathy and insurance receipts are issued as such.

Maureen has been an accredited member in good standing in several provinces across Canada, as well as overseas.  She is currently a member of the Society of Osteopaths of Canada, a fomer member of the OFOP , the Corporation des Praticiens en Medecine Douces du Quebec in Quebec, the Society for the Promotion of Manual Practice Osteopathy in British Columbia,  as well as being an Associate Overseas member of the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA).  Maureen underwent accreditation evaluation as a Primary Care Practitioner in Australia in 2008.  Maureen has completed partial accreditation with the General Osteopathic Council in the United Kingdom, and has the distinction of having been the first Canadian trained Osteopath to be approved to work in Singapore in South East Asia.

Maureen was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.  She completed her undergraduate studies at McGill University with a major in Psychology. She completed her Osteopathic training in 2003 with the College d'osteopathie duQuebec a Montreal where she was awarded the title Doctor of Osteopathy.  For eight years Maureen was the owner and director of Centre Osteopathie Plus, a multi-disciplinary clinic  on the north shore of Montreal,  where she successfully treated hundreds of patients each  year.  Many of her patients came to her via word-of-mouth, but increasingly patients were also referred by family physicians, specialists, and other health care practitioners. Maureen's  interest in healthcare has taken her from the east coast to the west coast of  Canada to Europe, Australia, as well as Southeast Asia where she worked in Singapore alongside a fully international team of health care practitioners.   

Maureen prides herself in taking an empathetic yet medical approach to assessing and treating her patients. Her background in Psychology and her personal growth as a Believer also contribute her patients.  She has a focus on women's health dysfunctions including infertility, pregnancy and obstetrics, uro-geninal bladder and kidney disorders, as well as cranial pathologies, including migraines, chronic sinusitis, chronic pain due to cervical  whiplash, recurring ear infections in children.  

Although Osteopathy now takes a wholistic approch to relieving physical pains or limitations, Osteopathy originally started as a branch of medicine in the USA.  The first Osteopaths were classic "bone setters" and the techniques were very similar to chiropractic.  Today, Osteopathy has evolved to include a vast array of techniques, both direct and indirect, gentle and high velocity, that work to often gently relieve a soft tissue or joint restriction .  Massage therapy is an excellent therapy for a variety of musculo-skeletal conditions, to help improve circulation, and relieve stress.  By incorporating massage therapy into her treatments, Maureen uses her advanced knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics to relieve many chronic pain conditions.

Maureen N. Maher, BA (Psych), DO(QC), DOMP

Ostéopathie accréditée à l'échelle internationale

Baccalauréat ès arts, Psychologie clinique

Membre, Société des ostéopathes du Canada (SOC)

Reiki Master

(version complete de Biographie a venir)

Maureen combine ses quinze années d'expérience clinique en ostéopathie, connaissance de la psychologie, pour adopter une approche véritablement holistique pour la guérison complète de l'esprit, du corps et de l'âme.

Maureen utilise l'ostéopathie pour vous aider a guérir de vos traumatismes passé, y compris:

Blessures physique incluant les blessures sportives, les accidents de véhicules à moteur, les commotions cérébrales

Les traumatismes émotionnels, y compris l'abus, l'anxiété, le chagrin non résolu

Maladies débilitantes incluant la sclérose en plaques, les infections systémiques

Conditions récurrentes de la douleur telles que les douleurs au cou, les douleurs lombaires, les blessures à l'épaule, les blessures à la cheville, la douleur articulaire (ROM) due à une arthrite ou une inflammation

Problèmes de santé des femmes, obstétrique pédiatrie et dysfonctionnements crâniens

Maureen est une ostéopathe formée au Québec qui pratique depuis quinze ans. Elle a été accréditée internationalement en Australie et au Royaume-Uni, où les ostéopathes sont praticiens de soins primaires. Cela comprend un diplôme universitaire en sciences de la santé, 3 à 6 ans d'étude intensive dans le domaine de l'ostéopathie, l'achèvement d'une thèse, l'écriture et la publication de douzaines d'études de cas. Maureen détient également un baccalauréat ès arts de l'Université McGill avec une maîtrise en psychologie clinique depuis 1989. Elle a complété sa formation en ostéopathie en 2003 avec le Collège d'ostéopathie du Québec à Montréal.

Maureen est membre de la Société des ostéopathes du Canada, est ancienne membre de la Fédération des professionnels de l'ostéopathie de l'Ontario, de la Société des Praticiens en médecine Douces du Québec au Québec, la Société pour la promotion de l'exercice manuel de l'ostéopathie en anglais Columbia, ainsi qu'un membre associé de l'Association australienne de l'ostéopathie (AOA). Maureen a la distinction d'avoir été la première ostéopathie formée au Canada à être approuvée pour travailler à Singapour en Asie du Sud-Est.

Pendant huit ans, Maureen était la propriétaire et la directrice du Centre Osteopathie Plus, une clinique multidisciplinaire sur la rive nord de Montréal, où elle a traité avec succès des centaines de patients chaque année. Beaucoup de ses patients sont venus chez elle par le bouche-à-oreille, mais de plus en plus de patients ont également été référés par des médecins de famille, des spécialistes et d'autres professionnels de la santé. L'intérêt de Maureen pour les soins de santé l'a amenée de la côte est à la côte ouest du Canada en Europe, en Australie, ainsi qu'en Asie du Sud-Est, où elle a travaillé à Singapour avec une équipe entièrement internationale de praticiens de la santé.

 Elle se concentre sur les dysfonctionnements pour la santé des femmes, y compris la stérilité, la grossesse et l'obstétrique, la vessie urogénique et les troubles rénaux, ainsi que les pathologies crâniennes, y compris les migraines, la sinusite chronique, les douleurs chroniques dues au cervical cervical, les infections récurrentes de l'oreille chez les enfants. Elle a également une connaissance approfondie des maladies et des maladies dégénératives orthopédiques et neurologiques et de la façon dont l'ostéopathie peut aider à minimiser les douleurs associées, le manque de mobilité et les effets négatifs sur le mode de vie d'une personne. Cela inclut des conditions telles que la sclérose en plaques, la scoliose, l'arthrose, la polyarthrite rhumatoïde, l'autisme, l'ect.

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