OSTeoMaureen of Montreal & Toronto Vaughan

Specialised in Cranial Pathologies & Women's Health Dysfunctions,

OSTeoMaureen of Toronto Vaughan

monthly appointments are available at

101 Medical Center
1520 Steeles Ave. West, Unit 101,
(on the northwest corner of Dufferin)
Vaughan, ON L4K 3B9


(please check the online schedule for future appointment availability)

Monthly Appointments are now available.  All pre-booked appointments must also be pre-paid.  If a patient cannot attend their pre-booked appointment, a receipt will be issued but the appointment fee cannot be transferred to a future date.  A minimum number of appointments must be booked in Toronto to cover Maureen's travel costs.  If a planned day has insufficient bookings, all patients will be reimbursed.    

Payment can be made online by credit card or PayPal.


Full Initial Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment for Complex Conditions        $145

90 min. session includes review of health history, physical exam, complete osteopathic treatment & discussion of a follow up treatment plan (for chronic or complex conditions).

Follow up Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment                                                  $120

60 min  session for existing patients who have been treated with us within the past six months.

Osteopathy with a Psychotherapeutic Approach using Energy Healing 

Reiki, Somato-Emotional Release and/or CranioSacral Therapy                          $140

90 min session includes a psychotherapeutic approach to discussing and discovering the origins or causes of your ongoing pain condition followed by a  gentler Osteopathic Treatment that might include Cranio-Sacral therapy, Reiki Hands-On Healing, Somato-Emotional Release or a combination of the above.  

Pre-Paid Packages (not available at this time)

are non-refundable, are transferable if Osteopathic treatment 

becomes contra-indicated, and are valid for three months from date of purchase:

Pre-Paid Package for New Osteopathy Patients    $450

Initial Assesment & treatment plus four Follow up Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $520

Pre-Paid Package for Osteopathy Existing Patients                                       $425

Five one hour Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $500

Pre-Paid Package for Existing Patients                                                             $350

Initial Assesment & treatment plus four 30 min Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $400

Pre-Paid Osteopathy Package for Osteopathy Patients

with a Psychotherapeutic Approach     $625

Initial Assesment & treatment plus four Follow up Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $700

Summary Report                                                                                                  $40

(for Physician or another Practitioner)