OSTeoMaureen Osteopathy & Wellness
with a psycho-spiritual approach

Specialised in Cranial Pathologies & Women's Health Dysfunctions,

Osteopathy is based on the understanding that the body functions

as a unified whole

What does this mean?

Problems in any one part of the body can affect other parts and cause a pattern of symptoms that Osteopathic Practitioners understand.  This is why Osteopathy doesn't just treat a problem locally.  It looks at the body as a whole to find and treat the cause of a problem, often leading to lasting relief from recurring problems that other forms of manual therapy were not able to fully resolve.  Osteopathy seeks to identify the underlying cause of your current complain, which might be due to the interaction of malfunctioning of several systems within your body, both close to the painful area as well as further away.  An Osteopathic Practitioner has been trained for several years to deeply understand how all of your bodily systems (circulation, skeleton, muscles, ligaments, lymphatic fluid, ect) work TOGETHER and impact each other, as well as vice versa.   This understanding goes beyond the general orthopedic assessments that other manual therapies use.

Your body is a complex machine with many parts and systems that interact and affect each other's functioning in a reciprocal fashion.   Osteopathic Practitioners are trained to assess your body in  a comprehensive way, chose from among a vast array of techniques to treat the problem, and often resolve it more fully than conventional medicine.  

A holistic approach enables patients to gradually and safely obtained wellbeing. Through a process of self-empowerment the patient acquires the ability to deal with issues and pain, attaining peace within themselves and in their relations, while gaining a broader understanding of themselves as part of the cycle of life.

Osteopaths are qualified to use a great variety of manual techniques to relieve musculo-skeletal conditions causing chronic pain or restricted movement. Unlike other forms of manual therapy which might incorporate the use of machines, equipment, or exercices, Osteopathic Practitioners rely mainly on their unique form of manual therapy. They are considered around the world to be a gentler, more natural and effective alternative to pain relief.

Osteopathy is taught at the post graduate level and Quebec trained Osteopaths begin their studies with a university undergraduate degree in the health sciences.  They then go on to study anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, clinical medicine, as well as perfect a vast array of techniques used to address your complaint.  Osteopaths then  complete hundreds of clinical hours, and write a thesis.  Many Osteopaths,  have between six to seven years of university, graduate level, or private college education.  If you are unsure about the credentials of the manual therapist you are currently consulting, simply ask! 


Here are some conditions that our Wellness Center focuses on specifically:

Somato-Emotional Symptoms such as anxiety or stress related to various life, family, or work-life challenges and worries.

Women's Health Dysfunctions - pelvic complaints, pregnancy, migraines, infertility, uro-genital disorders, Pre-menstrual syndrome.

Cranial Dysfunctions, such as concussions, sinusitis, vertigo, tinnitus, TMJ pain,  recurring headaches, migraines, etc.

Osteopathy is also effective in treating these common musculo-skeletal conditions:

back & neck pain * unresolved sciatica * asthma * digestive problems * arthritis * sports injuries *  pelvic & back pain * infants reflux colic *   shoulder pain * motor vehicle accidents  *    


What can I expect during an Osteopathic Consultation & Treatment? 

The goal of Osteopathic treatment is to find the cause of your pain and remove it.  

In order for the Osteopath to accomplish this, you will be asked to complete a health history questionnaire to share your medical history and some details about your pain.  The Osteopath will review this with you and a more detailed history of your current complaint and symptoms will also be discussed.  

She will then assess you using various osteopathic assessment  techniques to gain a clearer picture of the cause of your symptoms.  She will verify all of the tissues and structures surrounding the problem area, as well as assess you overall to determine how your current complaint might be impacting over structures of the body, or vice versa.  She will explain to  you what she finds, and how it all "fits together". 

She will then start a first treatment using various manual techniques, which are generally gentler and have a deeper effect on the body than other therapies.  The choice of techniques are usually determined by your needs that particular day, as well as what we are trying to accomplish overall in your body.  Any potential contra-indications are taken into consideration.  The need for follow-up visits will be discussed.   Angela Baroni, Osteopathe

Since Osteopathic treatments are longer and have a deeper effect on the body than some other forms of manual therapy, generally 3 - 5 sessions are all that is required to resolve  a simple  pain or mobility issue.  If you have a more chronic or complex condition, with longstanding pain or mobility issue and multiple injuries, effective healing might require more sessions.  Nicolas Fleurent, Osteopath

Maureen takes a very honest and pragmatic approach with her patients and might  refer you to a complementary therapist if needed, or will communicate with your physician for test results or to recommend any possible medical investigation.  

Answers to some common questions about Osteopathic Treatment 

Q: What kind of conditions does Osteopathy treat?

A: A variety of conditions are successfully treated with osteopathy. Generally, if the problem is chronic (ongoing) or recurring, or other forms of treatment havent given the results you had hoped, Osteopathy can help. Some conditions that osteopathy treats are back & neck pain, headaches/migraines, sciatica, arthritis, nerve pain, sports injuries, pelvic & lower pain, infants reflux & colic, pregnancy discomfort, jaw pain such as TMJ, rhinitis /sinuses, vertigo, menstrual pain, asthma, difficult digestion, acid reflux, constipation, and much more..

Q: Why chose osteopathy over traditional medicine like pain medication?

A: Manual Osteopathy is a gentler, more effective alternative to pain relief. Increasingly people wish to avoid the side-effects of traditional pain medication and many physicians such as family medicine doctors, sports medicine doctors, neurologists, and orthopedists refer patients for osteopathic treatment. Increasingly, yoga and pilates instructors are seeing the benefits of referring their members for osteopathic treatment, because it is a gentle approach, and because it helps their members get back into their exercise routine faster!

Q: How can I know if Osteopathic Treatments are right for me?

A: Maureen will be happy to talk with you for a few minutes to discuss your symptoms and determine whether Osteopathic treatment is right for you. Simply call or send e text message to (647) 967-6355 or send an email with your day time number and best times to be reached at [email protected].

Q: What should I wear during a consultation or treatment?

A: Women are encouraged to bring a loose camisole that is not "racer-back" or with tight underwire, and loose loungewear or sweatpants or leggings. Men are encouraged to bring shorts and a T-shirt. Open back gowns are also available.

Q: Will my insurance reimburse my osteopathic treatments?

A: As an accredited member of the Ontario Federation of Osteopathic Professionals, Maureen provides insurance receipts to every patient who requests one. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover osteopathy. Many extended health care insurance plans do cover a portion of these services, but the amount of coverage varies. We sugest you verify the details of your specific coverage if you intend to submit your claims to your insurance company. If your insurance plan does not cover the service you are receiving, you may contact your group policy administrator to request that your policy be changed.

Q: Do you read results of medical tests such as X-ray, MRI and CT Scan?

Conventional imaging reports (X-ray, MRI, CT Scan) will be referred to during the assessment and treatment of the involved area(s). Additionally, referral for further testing or consultation with a specialist, when deemed necessary, will be facilitated with a letter from your practitioner.

Q: Is the treatment covered by OHIP or my insurance?

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) does not cover osteopathy. Many extended health care insurance plans do cover a portion of these services, but the amount of coverage varies. If this if of concern to you, we suggest you verify the details of your specific coverage if you intend to submit your claims to your insurance company. If your insurance plan does not cover the service you are receiving, you may contact your group policy administrator to request that your policy be changed. Regardless of insurance coverage, many people who do not have insurance seek osteopathic treatment because of the significant improvement in pain and mobilty issues it provides. How much is your health worth to you?

Q:  Do I need a doctor?s referral?

A physician?s referral is not necessary to make an appointment for osteopathic treatment, however some insurance plans require a physician?s referral prior to reimbursing claims.

Our Policies

Cancelling Appointments - Our clinic requires a minimum of 24 hrs business days notice prior to cancelling or re-booking an appointment, otherwise you will charged a fee for the missed appointment.  

If you are late arriving, we will be happy to treat you within the remaining time allotted for your appointment.  This means if another appointment is booked immediately after you, we cannot extend your session past its originally scheduled time due to your late arrival.  Payment for the full session previously booked will be required regardless of your arrival time.

Upon arrival, please come down the stairs and enter the reception area quietly and be seated.  

Do not knock and expect someone to open the main door for you.  Also, please do not call out as our Therapist might be in session with another patient and decorum and respect is upheld at our clinic at all times.  Thank you for your consideration towards other patients' need for a peaceful therapeutic setting. 

Fee Schedule - Our fees are set according to our Practitioners' years of clinical experience, accreditations, and education.  Fees are standard for all patients regardless of whether a patient has insurance coverage or not.  We do not offer fees on a sliding scale for patients who do not have extended health insurance coverage, unless that patients can prove extreme financial hardship. 

Requests for additional documentation from your Insurer - Please note that we only will provide additional information regarding your treatment (beyond what is standardly written on your insurance receipt) in written form if your insurance company contacts us directly.  Please do not call us demanding we write additional documentation as apparently requested by your insurance company for fear of not being reimbursed.  Standard procedure is for your insurance company to contact us directly requesting additional documentation.  Please note there is a fee of $35 - $50 for all written reports regardless of who is requesting it. 

Insurance Receipts - Please note  We do not work for, nor take orders from any insurance company.  As a result, our insurance receipts are written in accordance with the policies of our association and we will not deviate from those policies.  Any patients demanding that we write receipts that do not comply with our association policies or do not reflect the reality of your treatment sessions will have their appointments cancelled immediately and their patient files closed. 

Consent to Treatment - By signing your health history questionnaire and attending your Initial Assessment & Osteopathic Treatment, you are providing us with Consent to Treat.  Our therapist uses expert judgement whether treatment is recommended or contra-indicated, and explains all possible side-effects.  As a result, our therapist might recommend a treatment protocol or follow up with your physician.  We cannot guarantee effective or safe results of our treatments if patients chose not to follow our recommendations and we reserve the right to terminate treatment if patients chose not to comply recommendations given to ensure their safety.

Nos politiques Annulation de rendez-vous -

 Notre clinique nécessite un préavis d'un minimum de 24 heures avant l'annulation ou la ré-réservation d'un rendez-vous, sinon vous facturerez des frais pour le rendez-vous manqué. Si vous arrivez tard, nous serons heureux de vous traiter dans le temps restant alloué pour votre rendez-vous. Cela signifie que si un autre rendez-vous est réservé immédiatement après vous, nous ne pouvons pas prolonger votre session après l'heure initialement prévue en raison de votre arrivée tardive. Le paiement de la session complète préalablement réservée sera requis quel que soit votre heure d'arrivée. 

 Horaire des frais - 

Nos honoraires sont établis selon les années d'expérience clinique, d'accréditation et d'éducation de nos praticiens. Les frais sont standard pour tous les patients, que le patient soit ou non une couverture d'assurance. Nous n'offrons pas de frais sur une échelle mobile pour les patients qui n'ont pas de couverture d'assurance-maladie prolongée, à moins que les patients ne puissent avoir des difficultés financières extrêmes. Demandes de documentation supplémentaire de votre assureur - Veuillez noter que nous ne fournirons que des informations supplémentaires concernant votre traitement (au-delà de ce qui est écrit de façon standard sur votre reçu d'assurance) par écrit si votre compagnie d'assurance nous contacte directement. 

Recus d'assurance - Nos reçus d'assurance sont écrits conformément aux politiques de notre association et nous ne nous éloignons pas de ces politiques. Tous les patients qui demandent que nous écrivions des reçus qui ne respectent pas les politiques de notre association ou ne reflètent pas la réalité de vos séances de traitement auront leurs rendez-vous annulés immédiatement et leurs dossiers de patients fermés. 

Notre thérapeute utilise le jugement de l'expert si un traitement est recommandé ou contre-indiqué et explique tous les effets secondaires possibles. En conséquence, notre thérapeute pourrait recommander un protocole de traitement ou suivre votre médecin. Nous ne pouvons garantir des résultats efficaces ou sûrs de nos traitements si les patients choisissent de ne pas suivre nos recommandations et nous nous réservons le droit de mettre fin au traitement si les patients choisissent de ne pas respecter les recommandations données pour assurer leur sécurité.

Here are some female health conditions that are a natural part of a woman's life cycle, but can also have a traumatic component and require healing on a gentler, more compassionate level:

Pregnancy & Post Partum Symptoms

Osteopathy is also highly recommended for Post Partum symptoms such as low energy, mood disorder, or lingering pelvic pain.

Female Pelvic Health

The pelvis is the center of a woman's being, both physically and emotionally and energetically.  Reclaiming health and vitality of your pelvic organs through VIsceral Osteopathy helps a woman recover from conditions such as Urinary Incontinence, painful PMS, and Infertility issues.


Osteopathic Treatment ensures your bodily systems that are involved in your reproductive process are working at their best:  this means treating the pelvis to ensure the uterus receives optimal blood supply, as well as treating the cranium to ensure adequate flow of cerebro-spinal fluid, which carries the hormones related to your cycle and to reproduction. 

 Combined with a psychotherapeutic approach to addressing the existential frustrations of facing infertility, or the depersonalization experience of the Western Medicine Model of Fertility Treatments.  Learn how to harmonize your feelings with your body to optimize your overall reproductive health.

Pediatric Osteopathy for Newborns

A difficult birthing process can affect your Baby, including the Cranium causing fussing and sleep problems, Digestive disturbances such as reflux or poor latching and feeding, or even orthopedic dysfunctions such as inability to turn the head fully (congenital torticolis), a restricted upper or lower limb.  Addressing these dysfunctions now leads to a healthier child.

Cranial Osteopathy 

for Anxiety, Brain Trauma, Illness Recovery, Vertigo, and more ...