OSTeoMaureen of Montreal & Toronto Vaughan

Specialised in Cranial Pathologies & Women's Health Dysfunctions,

OSTeoMaureen of Dorval

located at

AMS Rehabilitation & Medical Clinic Dorval
303 avenue Dorval
(across for Dorval Gardens shopping center)
Dorval, Qc, H9S 3H6

(across for Dorval Gardens shopping center)

tel. (514) 300 - 1031 

to speak with Maureen directly about your condition call (647) 967 - 6355

Proudly serving our diverse communities

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Directions : How to get to the clinic

3300 Côte-Vertu Blvd., Suite 110 Saint-Laurent H4R 2B7


Osteopathy is not a regulated profession in Canada.  As a result, reimbursement policies vary from one insurance company to another.  If insurance reimbursement is important to you, we suggest you confirm with your insurance company that the services of our Osteopath, Maureen N. Maher, registered member of the Society of Osteopaths of Canada, will be reimbursed prior to your treatment session or purchasing a package.  

When booking an appointment, please read our policies below.


Full Initial Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment for Complex Conditions                      $140

90 min. session includes review of health history, physical exam, complete osteopathic treatment & discussion of a follow up treatment plan (for chronic or complex conditions).

Shorter Initial Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment for Simpler Conditions

or Follow up Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment                                                          $120

60 min  session for existing patients who have been treated with us within the past six months.

Cranial Osteopathy or Shorter Treatment                                                                             $80 

30 min sessions as part of a series of treatments where shorter sessions are recommended.

Osteopathy with a Psychotherapeutic Approach using Energy Healing 

Reiki, Somato-Emotional Release and/or CranioSacral Therapy                                       $150

90 min session includes a psychotherapeutic approach to discussing and discovering the origins or causes of your ongoing pain condition followed by a  gentler Osteopathic Treatment that might include Cranio-Sacral therapy, Reiki Hands-On Healing, Somato-Emotional Release or a combination of the above.  

Pre-Paid Packages 

are non-refundable, are transferable if Osteopathic treatment 

becomes contra-indicated, and are valid for three months from date of purchase:

Pre-Paid Package for New Osteopathy Patients                                              $450

Initial Assesment & treatment plus four Follow up Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $520

Pre-Paid Package for Osteopathy Existing Patients                                       $425

Five one hour Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $500

Pre-Paid Package for Existing Patients                                                             $350

Initial Assesment & treatment plus four 30 min Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $400

Pre-Paid Osteopathy Package for Osteopathy Patients

with a Psychotherapeutic Approach     $625

Initial Assesment & treatment plus four Follow up Sessions

pay as you go full cost: $700

Summary Report                                                                                                  $40

(for Physician or another Practitioner)


Consultation Initiale et Traitement en Osteopathie  90 MINS                                         $140

   Suivi en Osteopathie 60 MINS                                                                                            $120

    Rapport au medecin                                                                                                             $40

Our Policies

Cancelling Appointments - Our clinic requires a minimum of 24 hrs business days notice prior to cancelling or re-booking an appointment, otherwise you will charged a fee for the missed appointment.  

If you are late arriving, we will be happy to treat you within the remaining time allotted for your appointment.  This means if another appointment is booked immediately after you, we cannot extend your session past its originally scheduled time due to your late arrival.  Payment for the full session previously booked will be required regardless of your arrival time.

Upon arrival, please come down the stairs and enter the reception area quietly and be seated.  

Do not knock and expect someone to open the main door for you.  Also, please do not call out as our Therapist might be in session with another patient and decorum and respect is upheld at our clinic at all times.  Thank you for your consideration towards other patients' need for a peaceful therapeutic setting. 

Fee Schedule - Our fees are set according to our Practitioners' years of clinical experience, accreditations, and education.  Fees are standard for all patients regardless of whether a patient has insurance coverage or not.  We do not offer fees on a sliding scale for patients who do not have extended health insurance coverage, unless that patients can prove extreme financial hardship. 

Requests for additional documentation from your Insurer - Please note that we only will provide additional information regarding your treatment (beyond what is standardly written on your insurance receipt) in written form if your insurance company contacts us directly.  Please do not call us demanding we write additional documentation as apparently requested by your insurance company for fear of not being reimbursed.  Standard procedure is for your insurance company to contact us directly requesting additional documentation.  Please note there is a fee of $35 - $50 for all written reports regardless of who is requesting it.

Insurance Receipts - Please note  We do not work for, nor take orders from any insurance company.  As a result, our insurance receipts are written in accordance with the policies of our association and we will not deviate from those policies.  Any patients demanding that we write receipts that do not comply with our association policies or do not reflect the reality of your treatment sessions will have their appointments cancelled immediately and their patient files closed.  

Consent to Treatment - By signing your health history questionnaire and attending your Initial Assessment & Osteopathic Treatment, you are providing us with Consent to Treat.  Our therapist uses expert judgement whether treatment is recommended or contra-indicated, and explains all possible side-effects.  As a result, our therapist might recommend a treatment protocol or follow up with your physician.  We cannot guarantee effective or safe results of our treatments if patients chose not to follow our recommendations and we reserve the right to terminate treatment if patients chose not to comply recommendations given to ensure their safety.