OSTeoMaureen Wellness Center
Focusing on Osteopathy for Women's Health & Children

Specialised in Cranial Pathologies & Women's Health Dysfunctions,

OSTeoMaureen Wellness Center West Island
for Women & Children

186 Sutton Place
suite 104
Beauconsfield, Qc 
tel. 514 247 4823

conveniently located across from Beaconsfield train station, St. Charles & Hwy 20

Home visits in the West Island are also available for house-bound Mothers who have recently given birth or Newborns with complex conditions limited travel.

Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment                                                                                                   $100

or Follow up Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment                                                                

60 min session for includes brief evaluation and 45 min osteopathic treatment

Initial Pediatric Osteopathy for Infants/Newborns and Children                                                     $100

60 mins. consult with parent, examination and treatment 

Follow Up Pediatric Osteopathy for Infants/Newborns and Children                                                $75

45 mins. consult with parent, examination and treatment                                                                                                                         


Cranial Osteopathy or Shorter Treatment                                                                                            $75

30 min sessions as part of a series of shorter treatments

Complex Conditions - Full Initial Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment                                          $120

90 min. session includes review of health history, physical exam, complete osteopathic treatment & discussion of a follow up treatment plan for chronic or complex conditions

Osteopathy with a Psychotherapeutic Approach

New Patient - Women's Osteopathy with Psychotherapeutic Approach 
Consultation & Treatment (90 mins)                                                                                                    $120

Follow Up - Women's Osteopathy with Psychotherapeutic Approach
Consultation & Treatment (60 mins)                                                                                                    $100


60 min Deep Tissue or Sport Massage                                                                                                   $75

60 min Deep Tissue Massage with Chinese Cupping                                                                            $95

* receipts are issued under Naturotherapy for all Massage Appointments

Some Useful References for Women in the West Island


Gabriela Mizrahi is a DONA certified birth doula and registered nurse. She offers birth and postpartum doula services and private prenatal classes in the Montreal area and Ottawa.

Website: www.birthwise.ca

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 514-573-3691


Nicole Fortunaso is a sweet, gentle woman who is well grounded but also understand the energy and spirit world very well.  She works with Reiki patients in her Beaconsfield home office.
 website:  http://justbreathein.ca