OSTeoMaureen Osteopathy & Wellness Centers
Focusing on Women & Children

Specialised in Cranial Pathologies & Women's Health Dysfunctions,

OSTeoMaureen Wellness Center of Westmount

located at

The Open Center

5165, Sherbrooke Street west
suite 300 (3rd floor)
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H4A 1T6

tel  (514) 247 - 4823 or (647) 967 6355

5165, Sherbrooke Street west suite 300 (3rd floor) Montreal, Quebec Canada H4A 1T6


Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment                                                                                                   $100

or Follow up Osteopathy Consultation & Treatment                                                                

60 min session for includes brief evaluation and 45 min osteopathic treatment

Pediatric Osteopathy for Infants/Newborns and Children                                                                  $80

60 mins. consult with parent, examination and treatment                                                                                                                         

Cranial Osteopathy or Shorter Treatment                                                                                           $70

30 min sessions as part of a series of treatments where shorter sessions are recommended

Complex Conditions - Full Initial Osteopathy Assessment & Treatment                                           $120

90 min. session includes review of health history, physical exam, complete osteopathic

treatment & discussion of a follow up treatment plan for chronic or complex conditions

Osteopathy with a Psychotherapeutic Approach

New Patient - Women's Osteopathy with Psychotherapeutic Approach 
Consultation & Treatment (90 mins)                                                                                                       $120

Follow Up - Women's Osteopathy with Psychotherapeutic Approach
Consultation & Treatment (60 mins)                                                                                                      $100

MASSAGE THERAPY (for Women only) *

60 min Deep Tissue or Sport Massage                                                                                                     $75 

60 min Deep Tissue Massage with Chinese Cupping (90mins)                                                              $95

60 min Chinese Meridian Massage                                                                                                          $85


* receipts are issued under Naturotherapy or Osteopathy for all Massage Appointments