OSTeoMaureen Osteopathy & Wellness Centers
Focusing on Women & Children

Specialised in Cranial Pathologies & Women's Health Dysfunctions,

Maureen Hannah Maher is the Author of several Workbooks and teaches Osteopaths within the field of

Treating Women's Health with Osteopathy
Pediatric Osteopathy
Obstetrics/Pregnancy and Osteopathy
Treating Cranial Dysfunctions with Osteopathy

Below are examples of some conditions she has been treating successfully for many years:

Women's Health Dysfunctions

pelvic complaints



uro-genital disorders - urinary track infections

pre-menstrual syndrome

somato-emotional symptoms such as anxiety 

Pediatric Cranial Osteopathy

infants reflux colic 
congenital torticolis
some cases of Autism
some cases of Attention Deficit Disorder

              Cranial Dysfunctions

Concussions following Sports Injuries or Motor Vehicle Accidents, 
Sinusitis *
Vertigo *
 Tinnitus * 
TMJ pain following dental procedures
Recurring headaches, etc.

Complex Orthopedic & Neurological Conditions:


Spinal Disk Injury - Hernias

Pre-surgical / post surgical rehabilitation

Plantar fascitis of the foot

Brain trauma concussions, vertigo

Pain associated with Systemic Conditions

Multiple Sclerosis *

Irritable Bowel Syndrome *

Endocrine Imbalances *

Urinary Track Infections *


Migraines * 

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