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A Unique Osteopathic Approach to Mind – Body Healing


Most standards Osteopathic Treatments are passive in their approach where the Osteopath is active while the patient    is passively receiving the treatment.  In these cases, the results are more limited to physical healing.

I work with my patient collaboratively during an Osteopathic session to bring a degree of mindfulness into the healing process and to hold a space for you to participate in and guide your own healing.

Because your body cannot heal if it is stuck in a traumatized or heightened state of awareness, my first goal during our sessions is to teach you how to persuade your body to start healing by incorporating into your treatment some very specific and timed breathing techniques that trigger your nervous system to “switch” into a relaxed state.  Many tensions in your body will release simply as a result of these techniques.

This when deep healing can truly begin ...

You are also given the opportunity and encouraged to express freely whatever memories or thoughts that come to mind, as I work with you to release areas where your body is “holding” tension or a memory of an injury or traumatic event.  For example, you might be holding anxiety in your digestive tract.  Or your mental clarity and confidence might feel lessened ever since a traumatic event .  Or certain body pains intensify when you face or remember certain situations. 

 During our sessions, I help you connect to the thoughts or emotions that you associate with an area of physical pain that I am working on using gentle osteopathic techniques.  There is never anything forceful or invasive.  You control the treatment with your feedback.  This freedom to express yourself and you being the guide during our session  helps you tune into the physical connection between your thoughts and emotions.  This combined  collaborative approach is very  empowering for you, and allows you to “release” the emotional connection to that physical pain on a deeper level, often freeing you from a lingering pain once and for all. 

As an Osteopath, I am also expertly trained to know what areas of your body react to specific emotions.  During our intake interview, as you share your story with me, I will understand  the areas of your body that need treatment, not just based on physical symptoms, but on psychological or emotions symptoms too.

By enriching my Osteopathic Approach to go beyond just the physical, I  can help you :

  • Free your Body from the Lingering Effects of an Injury or Traumatic Event

  • Release Stored up Anxiety in your Body that is Draining your Energy

  • Reclaim the Vitality you Lost after Difficult Inter-Personal Situations

  • Rid your Body of Unpleasant Sensations After Living or Working with Toxic People

  • Releasing Pent Up Grief Following a Loss, Bereavement, or Divorce

  • Reclaim your Vitality and Energy After Giving Birth

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