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What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is not just a Shamanistic concept.  It is used by many Psychotherapists who understand that the soul needs its own healing and needs to be re-integrated into a person's entire being in order to fully heal.

Have you had life experiences that have left you feeling scattered and less than whole?

Have you given too much of yourself to others or to a situation, and now feel empty and depleted?

Have you been in relationships where you feel that others have left a mark on you or had a destructive effect on your sense of self?  This can be anyone from controlling family to toxic work colleagues to needy friends .

I can work with you to clear your energies and regain a feeling of being whole again.  Once your energies are re-integrated through Soul Retrieval, you can begin the process of working through your emotional and physical wounds, whether that be through life coaching, gentle osteopathy and massage therapy or naturopathy, or a combination of all of the above.

But it all starts with Soul Retrieval.

Soul Retrieval is a very powerful healing process that I guide my clients through during a mind-body meditation style session.  We incorporate powerful verbal affirmations that allow you to take back all the "pieces" of yourself that have been scattered by your life experiences.  And we release any "pieces" of anyone else that might have entered your energy centers and dont belong there and are holding you down. These sessions are very empowering and freeing and clients often report feeling calmer and more "whole" once the session is complete.

Restructuring your energies through Soul Retrieval is the gateway to deeper and more lasting healing of the mind, body, and soul. 

If you are tired of life's experiences  leaving you feeling toxic or less than whole, I strongly recommend that you consider booking a Soul Retrieval session with me.

Or if you feel you want to connect with a more genuine approach to osteopathy or massage therapy that cares about what you are going through in your personal or professional life, consider booking an Osteopathic Treatment with a Psychotherapeutic Approach.  This is often a good starting point to explore your healing needs.  

I see clients at my home office which is spacious and informal.  Appointments can be 60 minutes or 90 minutes depending on your needs and budget.  Often your extended insurance plans will cover you for part of the cost of the sessions under Naturotherapy.

The mind - body - soul connection is what Transformational Life Coaching , Energy Healing and Classical Osteopathy is all about.

Let's work together to make you whole again.

If you would like to discuss booking a Soul Retrieval Session please call (514) 247-4823 in Montreal of (647_ 967 - 6355 in Toronto.


Did you know that if your body is "stuck" in a stressed or anxious state, due to recent or past experiences, it cannot truly heal?

That is because your nervous system only has two settings:

1) go - go -go (sympathetic nervous system)

2) stop, digest, rest, heal (para-sympathetic nervous system)

Maureen takes a mind - body - spirit approach to healing you from past trauma.  As a result, upon request when booking your appointment, Maureen will devote some time to reviewing your life history and traumas from a psychotherapeutic viewpoint in order to determine what combination of therapeutic modalities will work best for you to help you release energy "blockages" or residue from past injuries that are preventing you from living a full healthy life.  

Your treatment might consist of Reiki Hands-On Healing, or Re-Structuring your spiritual energies wish Soul Retrieval session, and / or Cranio-Sacral Therapy, or a combination of the above.  With fifteen years of being an Medical Intuitive, Maureen knows how to listen to your life story and body to know what approaches you need during that particular session.  

Only then can your body begin the healing process, and that includes on an emotional, spiritual, as well as physical level.   The total session time is 90 mins.

This integrated approach has the goal of :

- helping you learn some useful coping strategies to control unwanted behavior, reactions or disruptive emotion

- helping you regain a more centered sense of self, releasing old energies that are holding you back, and regaining portions of your energetic self that have been lost through experiences where you were not being honored.

- learn soothing and relaxation strategies including breathing techniques to control your own bodily tensions and pain levels,

- find ways to modify maladaptive behaviours that are holding you back from succeeding in various situations,

Together we can work through painful emotions or memories of physical trauma, a process that is necessary to heal.

Trauma changes people.

And for someone who just wants life to return to “the way it was,” this can be difficult to accept.

But in some cases, people have not only been able to bounce back following trauma, they’ve also been able to experience growth.

Lets work together to make your past experiences, injuries or illnesses a vehicle to your own personal growth!

The overall goal is to improving your quality of life on all three levels:

physical - emotional -  spiritual 

If you think a Psychotherapeutic Approach to Osteopathy might help you and would like to discuss your condition prior to booking an appointment at either location, call OSTeoMaureen directly tel (647) 967 - 6355.

Please note that all insurance receipts are issued under Osteopathy at this time.